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About Us

Our Elite VIP Gold Signals program offers a chance to profit massively and learn simultaneously by copying the exact same trades done by a   17-year veteran commodity Gold Trader and the team of professional bank and hedge fund traders who know the market inside out.

​GOLD Trading Signals -Elite VIP Group

For more serious traders and investors looking to make serious returns we have a subscription service under the Elite VIP Trading room which is a strictly limited private group where traders are able to replicate the same trades we execute in real time. Another service offered to our Elite VIP group is a trade butler service with a more personal 121 training and guidance to traders who need that extra personal hand holding guidance on every trade execution entry and exit in addition to expert market analysis and commentary,

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GOLD Trading Signals -FREE Channel

For beginner traders and investors looking for free content we have a FREE gold trading signals and news channel offering FREE trade ideas ,market commentary on Gold as well as forex and crypto markets. Feel free to follow our free channel and learn, lots of free content market analysis and commentary.

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Our Gold Trading Edge
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Our trading strategies and signals are based not  just on fundamental macro drivers but on overarching technicals and backed by the decision making expertise and knowledge of a 17-year veteran Gold trading specialist who knows the market inside out with his team of institutional and hedge fund traders. Whether you are a beginner trader or a seasoned professional our expert trade signals provides simple easy to follow signals and actionable trade calls along with expert market analysis and commentary.

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Subscribers have a chance to learn and succeed by following our signals and copying the exact same trades our veteran gold traders make. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, learn and profit from our trading experience by following exactly the trades we execute. This service is only offered to our Elite VIP channel subscribers.  Join the Elite VIP group by subscribing below

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Elite VIP Subscription>>

If you have any interest in the commodity markets and are keen to know everything about the yellow metal and how to profit from it subscribing to our channel is an absolute must. Our traders are the authority on Precious Metals trading especially on Gold. Our expertise is not just on how it trades and behaves but on the underlying fundamentals which drive the day to day fluctuations.

The gold market movements along with the other precious metals including silver, as well as major G20 forex currency trends are determined by major players in the market such as banks, hedge funds and large institutional traders. Having been in the institutional trading industry and having first knowledge of the big institutional trade flow in these markets gives us a massive advantage in our ability to analyse, forecast and predict  potential  future trends and moves in Gold as well as in the major G20 currencies and alternative assets such as Crypto currencies with a very high accuracy level.

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Gold Trading Signals

FREE Gold Trading Signals Channel

Check out and join our FREE Gold trading signals Channel on Telegram below with loads of FREE signals and trade ideas across the precious metals, forex, bonds and crypto markets as well as market analysis and commentary on breaking news around the world. This is a must channel for all beginner and savvy traders and investors.

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Elite VIP Gold Trading Room 

Our exclusively limited private VIP trading room in Telegram is only available for a selected number of traders who will have access to the same trades that our team execute. Members in this group will have access to subscribe further to be closer to our Elite traders who offer a more 121 trading butler service for traders and investors who prefer a more personal hand held guidance on each trade. for serious traders looking to amplify their balance this Elite VIP group is a absolute must.

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Elite VIP Trading Room Services

Gold Trade Signals

Highly accurate Gold Trade Signals with clear entry (Buy/Sell), exit (TP) and stop loss (SL) levels. Trade signals provided are the exact trades executed by our team, this allows subscribers to copy and learn from our very own trades. our butler hand held service is offered to limited VIP members who require a more 121 guidance on all trades

Market Trade Ideas

Actionable trade ideas around precious metals mainly Gold as well as G20 currencies, world indices, Bonds and Crypto markets. We provide Gold trade signals as well as signals on other assets that we trade. Additionally to the benefit of our subscribers we provide actionable trade calls and ideas on various other global market assets

Research & Analysis

Unbiased analysis on global markets along with research and commentary on market moving breaking news around the world. Our team have a pulse on major news around the world and provide an in depth analysis on the impact and ramifications to those markets. 

Products that we Trade

Precious Metals 

Our Traders are the authority on Precious metals trading especially on Gold, by subscribing you will receive institutional grade analysis and trade signals on Gold. Our decision making is not just based on the underlying fundamentals but also on the overarching technicals backed by our experience in financial markets trading

Forex, Indices, Bonds

Our specialty is in Gold trading but having a background in understanding and pricing assets our traders understand markets and the underpinning dynamics. Having been exposed to the worlds global markets for subscribers interested in trade ideas in the G20 currencies, world indices and Bond markets we are your one stop shop for trade ideas and analysis

Crypto Currencies

The worlds crypto currency markets have offered many with an opportunity to profit from the price fluctuations like any other financial asset. With our teams background in the financial markets trading and having an in depth understanding price action and economic analysis we are the one stop shop for all crypto trading ideas and analysis

Elite VIP Subscriptions


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$70 USD billed monthly

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Trade Ideas and Signals

Market Research

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$180 USD billed quarterly

Save $120 USD per year

Elite VIP Member

Trade Ideas and Signals

Market Research

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$680 USD

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$680 USD billed yearly

Save $160 USD per year

Elite VIP Member

Trade Ideas and Signals

Market Research

Platinum Member access to 121 sessions and hand held training

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How many signals per day?

One of the important lessons is not to over trade for the sake of trading, unless there is a profitable trade opportunity we will not be disseminating trade signals. signals can be generated intra day and held intra day to days to weeks and months. The most important aspect to generating profits is to be able to scale and dynamically manage positions so that being said there is no minimum limit on signals provided.

How much pips per month?

The pips generated should not be tracked by per week and month per se but rather over a larger time frame,. our strength is to be able to generate significant returns year on year that is unparalleled to anyone else in the market and we are more interested in helping traders be successful and trade with proper risk management guidance and maximize the profits over the long term., for us this is one of the most important aspect of trading.

How do I access the Butler 121 service?

Being a Elite VIP subscriber enables you to receive signals and be part of the exclusive VIP private trading group with a limited number of traders but additionally we offer a butler 121 hand held service for traders who require a more personal guidance on a trade by trade level. 

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Managed Investment Funds

Institutional managed investment funds with proven trading performance is available for wholesale clients only, minimum criteria for funds management is to be classified as a wholesale client with at least 500k USD, for such customer we have multiple allocated funds  offering fix rate returns as well as a high velocity yellow quantum fund which utilises our proprietary dynamic positioning strategy on quantum expansion fractals. 

Please contact us by email directly below with your enquirers to join, we only have a limited maximum intake per year into these funds.

Fund 1


M Cap 1 Fund

Fund 2


M Cap 2 Fund

Fund 3


M Cap 3 Fund

Fund 4


Yellow Quantum Fund

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